Storage conditions and properties of perishable products

Type of goods Storage temperature of goods Relative humidity Approximate shelf life Centigrade % Spinach 0.0 95 14-10 days Pomegranate 0.0 90 4-2 weeks Mango 12.8 90-85 2-3 weeks Fresh figs 0.0 - 0.6- 90-85 10-7 days dried fig 4.4 - 0.0 60-50 9-12 months Gooseberries 0.0 - 0.6- 95-90 2-4 weeks European type grapes [...]
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Considering hygienic tips of vehicles and refrigerated containers for meat and chicken and food and non-food contaminants

1- Using special vehicles and containers for the carriage of meat, chicken and contamination according to the products according to the type of cargo. 2- Ensuring the washing, disinfection, cleanliness and hygiene of container and cars before loading. 3. Controlling and monitoring the temperature of container and vehicles for pre-loading meat and chicken that is [...]
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Considering healthy tips in storage cold storage and freezing tunnel

Proper control and monitoring on the rapid transfer of packaged meat and chicken into the freezing tunnel to prevent leakage of packaged meat and chicken. Using fully automatic and rail freezing tunnels, as cartons packaged by a rail enter the freezing tunnel after a specified time and reaching the desired temperature exit the tunnel. Daily [...]
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