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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Air conditioning means: Operating on the air in order to make the desired conditions of living, working or industrial operations comfort and hygiene and reach the desired limit. Air conditioning causes the air condition to automatically stay or change according to a specific method. Air conditioning or pleasant air conditioning is a branch […]

Air conditioning, تهویه مطبوع

Storage Conditions and Properties of Perishable Products

Type of goods Storage temperature of goods Relative humidity Approximate shelf life Centigrade % Spinach 0.0 95 14-10 days Pomegranate 0.0 90 4-2 weeks Mango 12.8 90-85 2-3 weeks Fresh figs 0.0 - 0.6- 90-85 10-7 days dried fig 4.4 - 0.0 60-50 9-12 months Gooseberries 0.0 - 0.6- 95-90 2-4 weeks European type grapes [...]
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Considering hygienic tips of vehicles and refrigerated containers

Considering hygienic tips of vehicles and refrigerated containers for meat and chicken and food and non-food contaminants 1- Using special vehicles and containers for the carriage of meat, chicken and contamination according to the products according to the type of cargo. 2- Ensuring the washing, disinfection, cleanliness and hygiene of container and cars before loading. [...]
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Considering healthy tips in storage cold storage and freezing tunnel

Considering healthy tips in storage cold storage and freezing tunnel Proper control and monitoring on the rapid transfer of packaged meat and chicken into the freezing tunnel to prevent leakage of packaged meat and chicken. Using fully automatic and rail freezing tunnels, as cartons packaged by a rail enter the freezing tunnel after a specified [...]
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Chiller Chiller is a device that removes heat from a liquid (usually water) based on the vapor compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. This fluid can be used for air cooling or devices that typically flow in a cycle and into a heat exchanger. What are the chillers, types of absorption chiller and compression chiller? Chiller […]

Chiller, چیلر

Ice Maker

Ice Maker Industrial ice maker is used to produce ice for public consumption. Ice production has long been common in Iran and is now being produced and distributed in the ice market in the form of a 25kg mold. Production of this type of ice takes place in open molds and takes at least 4 […]

Ice maker, یخساز

Ice Bank

Ice Bank or Cooling Energy System Many cooling installations only operate for limited hours during the day, and in the limited hours, the amount of consuming cooling energy is very high. In this case, we can name the huge milk pasteurization industries and factories of producing soda and factories of producing drug raw materials. Is […]

Ice bank


Condenser Condensers are familiar units for temperature control in cold storage , air conditioners, heat pumps and chillers. They take the vapor energy by compressing it with the refrigerant fluid. Then, transfer it to the system coils and use the air around the coils to generate heat or cool. Controllers, fans, pumps are components of […]

Condenser, کندانسور


Evaporators Evaporators are heat transfer surfaces in which the volatile liquid evaporates when it receives evaporative heat from space or cooling products. Due to the wide variety of mechanical refrigeration applications, evaporators are designed and manufactured in a variety of types, shapes and sizes. Evaporators are divided in terms of building, refrigerant liquid feeding mode, […]

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Refrigeration Compressor

Refrigeration Compressor Refrigeration compressor can be used to compress gas or liquids. Of course, in the second case, it is called the pump. In some devices and machines, compressors are devices by which air is compressed and then sent to the combustion chamber. Compressors are used to compress gases. In fact, compressors are devices that […]

Compressor, کمپرسور
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