Cold storage and its types

Cold storage and its types

cold storage is a complex of buildings and facilities in which the required conditions for maintenance of crops, food and other perishable materials in terms of temperature, relative humidity are provided artificially.

The cold s torage can have one circuits (one of the two modes above zero or below zero) and two circuits (both modes above zero and below zero) saloons. cold storage of this company are designed and manufactured in accordance with the need for ammonia and freon refrigerants and below zero and above zero or two-way (stable and movable) applications.

Types of industrial cold storage

cold storage above zero:

Cold storage above zero are also called short or long-term cold storage.

The maintenance temperature of cold storage above zero is +1 ° C to +4 ° C.

In cold storage above zero degrees for short-term maintenance, the product is maintained and cooled at temperatures above its freezing point.

Short-term cold storage is usually accompanied by the gradual introduction of the product and its rapid replacement, depending on the type of product, the time of maintenance is changed from one-two days to a week or more, but rarely exceeds 15 days.

The construction of long-term storage refrigeration is done in commercial warehouses (general cold storage ). In this case, the time of maintenance of the product depends on the type and conditions of the product input.

The products maintained in above-zero cold storage include:

Vegetables – Fruits – Dairy – Flowers and Plants – Medicines and more.

cold storage below zero

The below zero cold storage is called freezing cold storage.

In the below zero cold storage , the frozen product is stored at -12 ° C to -23 ° C.

Below zero cold storageis used with temperature 18:

The products maintained in below-zero cold storage include:

Frozen meat – frozen chicken – frozen fish – frozen vegetables and so on.

Two-circuit cold storage

A two-circuit cold storage is a cold storage that can operate both below zero and above zero.
In a two-circuit cold storage , it should be noted that after discharging the cold storage (above zero or below zero), in one of these situations and switching to another mode (above zero or below zero), the room should be rinsed with nano-disinfectants after being reloaded not to cause bad smell of new product.

Maintenance of different products in optimum condition requires separate cold storage that are not economically feasible.


Pre-cooling is the space in which the product enters at a higher temperature (usually ambient or slaughterhouse temperature) and should be cooled to the maintenance temperature as rapidly as possible.

The product after reaching that temperature exits from it; it is placed in maintenance saloon for storage in the cold storage.

Moving the product over the cooling time has a profound effect on the final quality and life of the product.

Cold storage

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