Condensers are familiar units for temperature control in cold storage , air conditioners, heat pumps and chillers. They take the vapor energy by compressing it with the refrigerant fluid. Then, transfer it to the system coils and use the air around the coils to generate heat or cool. Controllers, fans, pumps are components of a condenser.

Cool air condenser

These condensers perform cooling using air.

Cool air condensers use air circulation to cool hot gases. In larger models, it often pumps in or out one or two fans. In smaller models, they often use gravity for water circulation.

Hot steam passes through a series of fined copper tubes to condense. The fan circulates air around the tubes and the air absorbs heat. As a result, the steam cools and condensate is formed which must be discharged.

Condensers can be one or two-stage, which the two-stage type has more efficiency and it is more expensive.

The Model V condenser is designed for cold storage and air conditioners. This condenser has aluminum fins and its V-shape designed for maximum heat transfer.
Benefits of a cool air condenser
• Easy to install
• No need for water
• Non-freezing air
•Disadvantages of cool air condenser
•When water condenses, it is possible to freeze at low temperatures
• Difficult to supply required fresh air
• Possibility of fan failure
• Change in air temperature may cause system pressure to be fluctuated

Cool water condenser

These condensers cool by circulating water in the tubes.
In most cool water condensers, water flows through the tube and hot steam into the shell and heat exchange occurs.
In cold water chillers, evaporators are used to remove heat and then cool water of condenser is used to heat the evaporator. Water transmits heat better than air; this causes cool water condensers to be smaller, cheaper, and more affordable in energy consumption.

Benefits of a cool water condenser
• Need less pressure than cool air
• Having better control over condensate pressure.
• Water has high heat transfer. These condensers are manufactured in smaller size

Disadvantages of cool water condenser
• The use of water in the tubes leads to corrosion inside the tube.
• At low operating temperature, condensers may be freeze.

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