Cold storage

cold storage is a complex of buildings and facilities in which the required conditions for maintenance of crops, food and other perishable materials in terms of temperature, relative humidity are provided artificially.

Freezing Tunnel

It is a saloon with a cooling capacity of -30 to -60 degrees Celsius which can reduce the temperature of the product (meat, fish, etc.) and pass it through the maximum crystallization step at the desired speed.


Chiller is a device that removes heat from a liquid (usually water) based on the vapor compression or absorption refrigeration cycle. This fluid can be used for air cooling or devices that typically flow in a cycle and into a heat exchanger

Ice Bank

Many cooling installations only operate for limited hours during the day, and in the limited hours, the amount of consuming cooling energy is very high.

Ice making

Industrial ice maker is used to produce ice for public consumption. Ice production has long been common in Iran and is now being produced and distributed in the ice market in the form of a 25kg mold.

Industrial refrigeration

Because of the unclear precise limits of industrial and commercial refrigeration, they often confuse them with each other. Generally, industrial refrigeration devices are larger in size than commercial refrigeration devices and are maintained by one experienced technician

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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Air conditioning means: Operating on the air in order to make the desired condition...


We can provide a wide range of refrigeration systems including refrigeration, freezing tunnel, chiller, ice bank, ice making and industrial refrigeration for food, pharmaceutical, chemical factories and related industries.

Our experienced technical engineering team can provide you perfect solutions to its specific requirements

We are ready to provide services to you, from consulting and designing stage to installation and setting up all refrigeration systems.

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Bam Tabrid Sazan Company has started its official activity from 2000, relying on Almighty God and experienced and knowledgeable management in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning.


Bam Tabrid Sazan Company is proud of announcing its readiness in the field of implementation, computation, monitoring as well as manufacturing of refrigeration systems such as industrial refrigeration above zero, industrial refrigeration below zero, freezing tunnel, Ice Bank, ice making, industrial chiller and more using experiences and educated staff and 30-year experience and knowledge of engineers and executives.


Bam Tabrid Sazan Company (BTS) is a designer, importer and manufacturer of industrial refrigeration and air conditioning machines with a wide range of food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


The company is proud of providing services and supplying high quality industrial products at the global standards as one of the importers and manufacturers of refrigeration machines and technical and engineering services in the country, having an efficient technical engineering unit, a R&D unit in the technology field, a QC unit in the field of control and quality assurance for manufacturing and a number of cooperators, and experienced in the field of executive in technology.


All products of this company have 6 months warranty and 5 years after-sales service.

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