Refrigeration Compressor

Refrigeration Compressor

Refrigeration compressor can be used to compress gas or liquids. Of course, in the second case, it is called the pump. In some devices and machines, compressors are devices by which air is compressed and then sent to the combustion chamber.

Compressors are used to compress gases. In fact, compressors are devices that by spending much mechanical energy squeeze the gas into the compressor and then compress it. As a result, the compressed gas temperature also increases. High-pressure gas from compressors is usually passed through a cooling system to return the gas temperature to normal. There are various types of compressors that are designed for industrial and general use. It’s not bad to know that even the aquarium pump, which is used to pump air into the fish aquarium, is also a type of compressor.

Types of compressors

Compressors have different types. Different categories classify compressors based on different characteristics. In one of the most common of these classifications, compressors are divided into two types based on how energy is transferred from the compressor to the fluid:
Dynamic Compressors: In these compressors, the energy transfer to the fluid is permanent. Types of dynamic compressors are:

Centrifugal current

Axial current

Dynamic compressors are used at low-rate pressures and higher flows.

Positive displacement compressors: In these compressors, the energy is transferred to the fluid periodically. Types of positive displacement compressors are:

Compaction power of these compressors are more than dynamic type. However, the flow of these compressors is far less than dynamic type.

Motive force of compressors depending on their power can be electro motor or diesel engine.

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