Considering healthy tips in storage cold storage and freezing tunnel

Considering healthy tips in storage cold storage and freezing tunnel

Proper control and monitoring on the rapid transfer of packaged meat and chicken into the freezing tunnel to prevent leakage of packaged meat and chicken.

Using fully automatic and rail freezing tunnels, as cartons packaged by a rail enter the freezing tunnel after a specified time and reaching the desired temperature exit the tunnel.

Daily control and monitoring of freezing tunnel temperature and storage refrigeration and ensuring proper functioning of cooling equipment (freezing tunnel temperature should be at least -36 ° C and storage cold storagetemperature should be at least -18 ° C).

Daily monitoring of the meat exited from the tunnel and the meat in the cold storage to determine the depth temperature of frozen meat (the temperature of the meat after freezing tunnel and in the storage salons should not be less than -18 ° C).

The use of very strong ammonia-type refrigeration systems to provide the refrigeration needed for freezing and storage of production cargoes and cold water of chicken chillers and so on.

The system of controlling temperature of cold storage is centralized and computerized. Also, the digital temperature display outside the freezing tunnel or the storage halls shows the temperature and the chart of minimum and maximum temperature daily.

All cartons of meat and chicken are cooled in separate pallets according to the type of meat and chicken packaged after exiting the freezing tunnel. And then around the pallets is wrapped with a plastic wrapping to prevent flake on the carton and transfer to storage cold storage.
8. Storage cold storage with a large capacity of 5000 tonnes are designed to keep meat and chicken to facilitate palletizing by forklifts in the cold storage.

Pallets are arranged in the cold storage according to the date and type of meat packaged in an orderly and expert manner.

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