Considering hygienic tips of vehicles and refrigerated containers

Considering hygienic tips of vehicles and refrigerated containers for meat and chicken and food and non-food contaminants

1- Using special vehicles and containers for the carriage of meat, chicken and contamination according to the products according to the type of cargo.

2- Ensuring the washing, disinfection, cleanliness and hygiene of container and cars before loading.
3. Controlling and monitoring the temperature of container and vehicles for pre-loading meat and chicken that is reached to 18 ° C and above.

4- Removing or modifying torn, dirty or inadequate cartons.
5- Controlling and monitoring the legal slaughter seal and label on cartons before loading.
6- Temperature control of the depth of meat and chicken which should not be less than -18 degrees Celsius. This is done on a case or a sample is taken from each pallet.
7. Installing two thermographs, one in the middle and one at the end of the container while each container or vehicle must have a permanent digital thermograph.
8. Controlling and monitoring the proper arrangement of the cartons inside the container or the vehicle as pallet with or without honeycomb and so on.
9. Monitoring the temperature inside the container to at least -18 ° C and closing the container or vehicle door by SIF and turning on the cooling device of thermoling.
10. Certificate veterinary public health for each cargo loaded by Dr. SIF and approved by the veterinary agency representative for cargoes belonging to Iran.

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